Sonic 3 and knuckles free rom

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984 0 0 0 19 8c2. Knuckles carries on from where Sonic the Hedgehog 3 left off. At the end of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, after Dr. In the underground Hidden Palace, Dr. Robotnik takes advantage of the confusion between Sonic and Knuckles in order to obtain the Master Emerald. Robotnik has been tricking him all along, and he is electrocuted while trying to stop Robotnik from stealing the Emerald.

A while after this event, Knuckles is seen relaxing with the Animals in Mushroom Hill. Suddenly, the remaining Eggrobo throws a bomb. Knuckles becomes angry at the Eggrobo and chases after him, starting Knuckles’ storyline in the game. For a more detailed examination of gameplay, see Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Despite no save file slots, gameplay is much expanded than in other games, as Sonic and Knuckles do not play all of the same levels.