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Sony Patents Elite PS4 Controller with Paddles and Adaptable Layout Could it come zelda wii u neogaf the PS4K? For starters, there are now paddles on the handles of the device, similar to those you’d find on a SCUF controller, or the Xbox Elite. It’s worth noting that companies file patents for products that don’t get released all of the time, so this could be yet another case of that.

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However, there are plenty of people who would pay good money for an upgraded PS4 controller, so Sony may be leaving cash on the table if it doesn’t introduce one. Could this ship with the PS4K, for example? Further investigation from the NeoGAF crowd suggests that this patent has been bubbling around for a few years. Maybe it wasn’t and Google Translate’s acting up again.

He also likes tennis games way more than you. All they have to do is improve the material of the joysticks and make the D-pad more like Nintendo’s or the Vita. A few more hours battery life would be nice, too. I wonder if such a controller was built with maybe better VR controls in mind as well?